Need that perfect "bird's eye view" perspective?

Tried climbing your tallest ladder, palm tree, or even your friend's shoulders to get that overhead shot? Just kidding, don't try that! Save yourself the medical expenses and call us today to book a flight and let us get you in position to successfully accomplish your aerial mission. Waverider Helicopters offers aerial photography, video, electronic news gathering, survey, and surveillance.

News station or newspaper? Call us for availability to cover breaking news, an event, etc.

Examples of aerial services and industries we cater to:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Film production
  • Race support
  • Real estate
  • Golf courses
  • Marriage proposals
  • Golf ball drops
  • Boat pictures
  • Events
  • News gathering for local news stations and newspapers
  • Many more!

Our pilots have extensive experience in successfully getting aerial photographers in position for the photos or video they need. The versatility of our helicopter allows us to remove any, or all doors to accommodate you in capturing a crystal clear, unobstructed view of your area of interest!

Picturesque Photography!

Real Estate

Are you a realtor looking to provide your clients with pictures of their new home or property? Aerial photography from our helicopter is a great way to provide your clients with an overview picture of their new home or property! Better yet, book a flight and bring your clients on-board so they can personally see their new home or property from the air!

Golf Course

Do you own a golf course and want aerial photography of your entire course, each hole individually,  or club house? Let us get you in position to capture your next club house wall hanger!

Rates for Aerial Photography/video

Robinson R44 - $550/Hour

Planning - Free for the first 15 minutes, then $50/Hour

  • There is no minimum flight time for aerial service flights.
  • Time less than 1 hour will be pro-rated.
  • R44 time charged begins at engine-start and ends at engine-shutdown.
  • Four seats - Up to three passengers and your pilot. 
  • One, or all doors can be removed.
  • Max speed up to 130kts with doors on.
  • Max speed up to 100kts with any or all doors removed.
  • Cameras and equipment must be securely stowed, or attached to photographer at all times.
  • A gimbal is highly recommended for video operations due to helicopter vibration.
  • Weight limit is 300lbs per seat (photographer+equipment).
  • Hovering operations - Depending on aircraft weight, wind, temperature, and altitude, our pilots can bring the helicopter to a full stop hover for a steady platform.

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