Frequently Asked Questions


Is photography allowed?

Not only is it allowed, it is encouraged. You will see parts of Southern California like you have never seen it before! You can take photos and video before, during, and after your flight.

How should I dress for my flight?

Dress as if you were going for a drive in your air conditioned or heated vehicle. The helicopter has air conditioning and heat. The pilot can control the temperature, so don't hesitate to tell your pilot if you are getting too hot or too cold. We want you to be as comfortable as possible while flying with us! 

If you booked an aerial photography or video session, at least one door or more will be removed. You will need to dress accordingly. Dress as if you were driving down the interstate with your windows down, except your whole body will be exposed in the helicopter, so it will be a bit cooler.  

Do you guarantee we will see everything listed on our tour description?

We try to fly over every landmark listed on your tour. However, once in a while we may have to contend with poor visibility/low cloud levels or FAA restrictions that may prevent us from taking our normal route. Of course, we keep our eye on current weather reports and FAA restrictions prior to your flight. Again, our number one concern is your safety and enjoyment!

Why can't we fly to other areas of Southern California?

FAA regulation restricts air tour companies to a set distance radius from our point of departure. We are required to lift off and return to the same point of departure. However, charter flights is on our list of high priority goals!  

I get motion sickness frequently, should I take medicine before my flight?

Your pilot will make your ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. This is not a theme park thrill ride! Many people who presume they may have an issue, feel just fine on the flight. However, if you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to take a motion sickness pill just as a precaution. Sick bags will also be available. 

Are young children allowed on flights?

Please be aware the FAA requires a full-fare seat for children 24 months and older. Children under 24 months may sit on the lap of a responsible adult in one of the back seats at no charge. We have comfortable "Baby Banz" hearing protection headsets for children under 24 months!

Can I book your helicopter for private charters?

At this time we offer tours, aerial photography, video, electronic news gathering, survey, and surveillance. Charter flights is on our list of high priority goals!

How experienced are your pilots?

We employ some of the most skilled pilots and hold them to the highest FAA standards. Our pilots are very experienced in their functionality as a tour and aerial photography pilot. Their abilities will put you at ease as you fly over some of the most beautiful beaches, foothills, homes, and sights of Southern California!