SpaceX Rocket Launch View With Waverider Helicopter Tours

San Diego County Helicopter Tour - SpaceX Launch View From Waverider Helicopter Tours

Sometimes you get more than what you paid for. In this case, two lucky passengers and Waverider Helicopter Tour's pilot and owner got a once in a lifetime view of the recent SpaceX rocket launch from 600 feet up in a helicopter! On the first Christmas Lights Tour of the night, just above the horizon rose an orange glow, and it wasn't Santa Clause streaking across the sky. The SpaceX Rocket was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, just north of Santa Barbara. The rocket carried 10 satellites for mobile voice and data communication support. 

With tensions between the United States and North Korea, many people were worried it was a missile coming from North Korea. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk didn't help matters when he tweeted, "Nuclear alien UFO from North Korea." Luckily for all of the worried folks, it just ended up being an amazing spectacle showing the power of the private technological sector of our great Country!

What an amazing sight to see and you never know what you will see on a tour with us at Waverider Helicopter Tours!